“I found myself suddenly
   neighbor to the birds...”
            - Henry David Thoreau

Find Four Finches

Follow the breadcrumbs to Four Finches...

Our front breezeway entrance is on Sherman Avenue between Dempster Street and Greenwood Street, around the corner from the Mexican Shop about half a block North...

Follow the signs leading to Four Finches in Suite 105...


Free parking is available on Sherman Avenue, Greenwood Street, and Elmwood Avenue.  There is also metered parking on Dempster Street.

We also have a rear alley entrance between Sherman Avenue and Elmwood Avenue.    Walk about half a block North down the alley around the corner from The Copy Room on Dempster Street...

You'll see the Four Finches sign above our entrance.  Come on in!


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Four Finches  Flowers & Gifts
1320 Sherman Ave., Studio 105
Evanston, IL  60201
(847) 328-4836
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